Welcome to my personal webpage. From here, you can learn a little about me and find a few different places where I might be active.

About Me

I’m a software engineer with more than four years of industry experience.

So far I’ve worked within AWS, working on Amazon S3 (S3 Select and S3 Object Lambda) as well as working within the open source community - specifically with projects that talk to S3 such as Apache Hadoop, as well as launching Amazon’s own project Mountpoint for Amazon S3 in Rust.

Hugo Personal Site

Just writing a quick blog post to share the fact that putting together the initial site took under an hour! Thanks Hugo. If you’re not already aware, Hugo is a static site generator written in golang. It’s quite similar to Jekyll. It was super simple to run brew install hugo, hugo new site my-website, find a theme and clone it inside the new site, then run hugo server -t terminal. Done!
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